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Research shows that if teeth and gums are normal and healthy there are no adverse effects to cosmetic tooth whitening. The ingredients used in our products are 100% pure with no fillers or additives. Only the finest ingredients are used (kosher USP glycerine, no animal byproducts). Tooth whitening will not change or damage the structure of the teeth; it simply makes them whiter and brighter.

Results can vary as the grade, genetic trait of your teeth and age can affect the process. After a quick consultation, our registered  dental hygienist can determine your suitability for our in-office LED tooth whitening treatment. The products used at Expressions are clinically proven to whiten teeth safely and with little or no sensitivity.

Two years is not unusual but we do recommend that you care for your new smile with our whitening extender pen, and regular dental check ups and cleanings. Longevity is also affected by lifestyle and diet. Pursuing a touch up treatment in 6 months is not unusual to maintain optimal results.

Tooth whitening treatment will not change the color of porcelain crowns or veneers. Stains may be pulled out of some filling material.

The products used at Expressions are manufactured by the “Worldwide leader” in tooth whitening for the past 15 years. The key to success of our whitening program is the finest gel coupled with LED light technology that safely increases the potency of the whitening in a fraction of the time and cost of that offered by our competitors. Because everyone is a unique individual, the experienced professionals at Expressions will take the time to understand your expectations and work with you to achieve your whitening goals.

Dental biofilm is the main etiologic factor for caries, periodontal and peri-implant infections. Periodontitis can increase the risk of systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease, arthritis or diabetes.
Regular oral hygiene, combined with professional measures keeps biofilm under control – for a better oral and systemic health.

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